Cavitron tips for heavy calculus

These instruments can increase access to difficult-to-reach areas and may help to improve periodontal therapy outcomes. During nonsurgical periodontal therapy NSPTa blended approach with hand and powered instrumentation is optimal to achieve full mouth debridement. Deep posterior periodontal pockets or shallow pockets in the presence of attachment loss require a thin UIT to effectively remove light to moderate or residual calculus deposits with oral biofilm.

Current research demonstrates the clinical benefits of using site-specific UITs to improve the outcomes of NSPT by accessing those areas unreachable with standard or thin straight UITs. They are available in three types: straight, right-curved, or left-curved. Thin straight UITs are slightly thinner than their right- and left-curved counterparts.

Despite the clinical benefits of right- and left-curved UITs, only a small percentage of dental hygiene programs provide clinical experience with these site-specific instruments, resulting in their underutilization. The misconception that ultrasonic instrumentation decreases the amount of time and precision needed to perform subgingival debridement, however, remains.

The idea that the side of the tip is actively and quickly removing a significant amount of contaminants is misleading. In actuality, the length of an ultrasonic stroke is 1 mm—not 2 mm to 3 mm—when it contacts the root. Although a UIT appears to contact the whole surface, the track of the stroke indicates otherwise. A combination of stroke and adaptation must be executed in a methodical and strategic manner to thoroughly debride a surface.

Successful ultrasonic instrumentation requires appropriate power, UIT selection size and metal massvariety of fulcrums, and multidirectional strokes. Thin magnetostrictive and piezoelectric right- and left-curved UITs simulate the size and shape of a periodontal probe Figure 1. This design enables consistent access and adaptation to root anatomy, and allows the clinician to reach the base of a pocket beyond depths greater than 4 mm compared with standard straight UITs.

cavitron tips for heavy calculus

These site-specific UITs are used with low to medium power; however, low power is sufficient for biofilm removal only, not calculus. At medium power, light and nontenacious calculus deposits are likely to be eliminated, while moderate or tenacious calculus remnants are burnished. A left-curved UIT is adapted for use on the buccal surfaces of the right maxilla and left mandible, and lingual of the left maxilla and right mandible.

A right-curved UIT is adapted for use on the buccal of the left maxilla and right mandible, and lingual of the right maxilla and left mandible. When employing the right- or left-curved UIT, the size or diameter of the UITs should be considered with certain case types. Some UITs may be too thick to fit into healthy and tight tissue, impeding the ability to insert subgingivally. Other right- and left-curved UITs are thinner and can be inserted subgingivally, permitting the tip to extend under the contact point.

Ultimately, clinicians need to assess and evaluate if the right- and left-curved UITs selected can be effectively inserted and adapted into the gingival tissue and thoroughly debride the base of the pocket. At initial therapy, patients may present with periodontal pockets 5 mm or greater with moderate to heavy supra- and subgingival soft and hard deposits. In such cases, administering local anesthesia with block injections or infiltrations is necessary for pain control.

Gross debridement is most commonly performed with a standard straight UIT at medium to high power with multidirectional strokes to fracture large pieces of calculus throughout sections of the oral cavity. After a majority of the calculus has been removed, thin straight and right- and left-curved UITs should be used at low to medium power to eliminate remaining deposits. Although a thin straight UIT is not ideal, it may be the only option to maneuver into tight tissue. During follow-up appointments, if no bleeding on probing is present, supragingival biofilm and periodontal pockets can be deplaqued with thin hand instruments using light strokes or with a thin UIT on low power.

In cases of routine prophylaxis and periodontal maintenance therapy, patients may present with a range of minimal or localized attachment loss with light to moderate supra- and subgingival biofilm and calculus. A standard straight UIT can first be used to remove localized moderate to heavy supragingival hard deposits, which are commonly found on surfaces such as the lower anterior teeth.

Most dental practitioners will then continue with the rest of the areas using a thin straight UIT alone, when a combination of thin straight and right- and left-curved UITs is more effective for accessing deep posterior pockets, furcations, and concavities.I need help remembering which number on the inserts represents the higher power for the FSI PowerLine, or 10?

Confirm that you would like to Remove Email Alerts for your question. You cant undo this and you will not be able to re-subscribe. In: Patient Care November 14, All three you listed is for moderate to heavy calculus removal. Just depends on which tip you prefer. I like the triple bend. See page 5 on the link below.

Confirm that you would like to select this answer as the "Best Answer" to your question. This will bring this answer to to top and be highlighted as "Best Answer". You can always change this if a better answer is given. Triple bend is awesome! Especially swivel!! Loving the diamond tip for super duper tenacious calculus, SRP. Can you use the Swivel in the same Cavitron handle that you would use the dents ply cavitron inserts such as the FSI I want to order the swivel inserts but want to make sure they work with me unit.

Sign Up Log In. Ask a Question. Home Patient Care. Please confirm that you would like to report this for an admin to review. Cavitron Inserts I need help remembering which number on the inserts represents the higher power for the FSI PowerLine, or 10? AToothFairy77 Hygenius No Comments Add a Comment. Log in to post a comment to this answer. I to like the triple bend with the FitGrip! Lrskda Loving the diamond tip for super duper tenacious calculus, SRP Confirm that you would like to select this answer as the "Best Answer" to your question.

Fdlg75 I want to order the swivel inserts but want to make sure they work with me unit Megglund. Sign Up. View More. Covid 19 How long after surgery should a patient wait to get a dental cleaning?The two-position foot pedal makes it easy to bump up the power when hitting heavier calculus.

Heavy calculus watches out!! No fumbling around for second switches or extra buttons on the control panel — its quick easy added power! Replacement: SC Quantity Vector Lil' Beaver 2. Add to cart. Convenient front-mounted water control with large easy to adjust dial. Turbo boost, 2 position foot pedal — press lightly for dial regular dial power, press firmly for TURBO!

Digital power adjustment with LED-lit power display panel. Front-mounted main power switch — shutting the unit off when left unattended just got a whole lot easier.

Accepts both 25K long and 30K short ultrasonic inserts — no adapter or switch, unit automatically adjusts to accommodate any style, brand or frequency of tips from all major manufacturers.

Awesome Performance Easily and effectively removes stubborn calculus and stains both supragingival and subgingivally leaving crown and root surfaces clean and smooth. Designed for use in prophylaxis periodontia treatments and other areas of operative dentistry. The unit operates with a fine warm water spray that requires little physical exertion. All aluminum housing for improved durability.

No more plastic to stain, crack or break. Digital Power Adjustment We have designed all the power switches and adjustment on the front of the scaler display panel for optimal-user-friendly adjustments.

The LED-lit digital power adjustment provides precise power control while giving the operator a quick-look, heads-up power display readout. Large easy-to-adjust water supply knob allows for quick and precise water flow adjustment. Easy to adjust — even wearing gloves. Front-mounted main power switch. Shutting off the unit when left unattended prevents premature failure of the power supply. Add to cart Details. Color Choose an option Black White.I recently worked at an office where the other hyg.

Your security is important to us!

Then they ask me how come the other hyg. Also what are some your favorite tips and what settings do you usually have it on? Confirm that you would like to Remove Email Alerts for your question.

You cant undo this and you will not be able to re-subscribe. In: Patient Care June 3, It sounds screechy, sprays water and vibrates. It makes your cleaning more comfortable instead of scraping everywhere. The bubbling action of the water with the ultrasound waves KILL bacteria. Would you rather kill the bacteria instead of spread it around? Well I will be very careful in those areas. I will avoid those areas as much as possible.

Raise your hand if at anytime anything bothers you and we will make the proper adjustments. Benefit: there is less tissue trauma compared to hand instrumentation.

cavitron tips for heavy calculus

Cavitation of the water and the ultrasound waves Kill bacteria. I like the triple bend focused spray for everyday use.

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All hygienists that use a very high setting should try it on themselves at the same settings! Lower the dial…… It may take a little longer. You can use the burst setting on the pedal occasionally for large calc. Hope this helps. Confirm that you would like to select this answer as the "Best Answer" to your question. This will bring this answer to to top and be highlighted as "Best Answer". You can always change this if a better answer is given.

I keep the setting as low as possible to avoid a mess. I am probably one of those hygienist that uses it less then more, I would expect if someone came in and used it on every patient my patients would wonder why and probably not like it. I keep the setting lower. I explain that benefits, especially calculus and stain removal…I tell them this means less scraping. I tell patients that the ultrasonic is a pressure washer for the mouth like Sally and that it shakes really fast and sprays water like RDHMares.

I tell patients that I will take many breaks as to not drown them. I find that many patients are quite sensitive to it; and not their gingiva, but their actual teeth it feels like lightening! Because of this I tend to only use it for SRPs, heavy supra calc, stain, heavy plaque, you get the drift.

So when patients ask why I have to use it, I explain one of those reasons to them. This is also a great opening to give homecare suggestions.

I only use the Cavitron when the patient presents with a large amount of tarter, tenacious tarter or SRP. I actually replaced a hygienist that used it on EVERY patient regardless of their specific situation. I also offer the patient to hold the saliva ejector so they can control when they remove the water and I always give them a paper towel to wipe their face. Use on low setting on most or all patients throughout the day.

I explain it pretty much the same as previous posts. I really want a blue boa! Sign Up Log In.Description: Medium length straight shank extending to a tapered tip.

cavitron tips for heavy calculus

Usage Tip: Great all purpose insert for supragingival moderate to heavy debris removal. Description: Long, thin, straight shank extending to a thin tapered tip. Thin shank allows effective subgingival and interproximal access. Tip cross-section: Round Area of use recommendation: Designed to reach into periodontal pockets can be used supragingivally Calculus Type: Light to moderate Power Setting Recommendation: Low to Medium. Description: Unique triple bend shank extends to a tapered, beveled edge tip.

cavitron tips for heavy calculus

Usage Tip : Unique triple bend shank allows increased access around line angles and interproximally. Beveled tip edges concentrate energy on corners and enhance removal of heavy calculus and stain.

Description: Long, ultra-thin straight shank tapers to a thin tip Usage Tip: Ideal for narrow, deep pockets, furcations, developmental concavities and tight areas between misaligned teeth.

Triple bend shank allows increased access around line angles and interproximally. Beveled tip allows enhanced calculus and stain removal with concentrated energy at corners.

Use in tandem with 10 or insert. Description: Probe-sized insert tip with a long shape that narrows to a tapered tip. Usage Tip: Used to remove calculus from periodontal pockets with improved adaptation to interproximal areas. Available alone or as a set with right and straight inserts. Usage Tip : Used to remove calculus from periodontal pockets with improved adaptation in interproximal areas. Available alone or as a set. Usage Tip. Used to remove calculus from periodontal pockets with improved adaptation in interproximal areas.

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Cavitron Slimline 1000 Ultrasonic Insert - Product Features - Dentsply Sirona

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She did a terrific job in problem-solving and helping make our trip one of our best ever.

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The lodgings were great to satisfactory, the flexibility in our occasional re-routing or slowing down really was an amazing help as we explored this wonderful island. We are headed back this summer again most likely. Again, we would use NV again and certainly we would ask for Sola. We would urge to take the time with whoever is assigned to you to make clear what you are interested and doing and where---if you have strong preferences. We were so happy with everything and would travel again with your company.

We were happy with the whole trip, always having two days stay in the different towns, and the whole program, the choice of hotels and the positions of the hotels, well done. We took the 10 day tour of the Iceland Ring Road and had a fantastic time. The company laid out a great itinerary and was prompt and efficient in its dealings with us. I have already recommended it to others, and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

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Oh, and Iceland itself is astonishingly beautiful, and the people are friendly and delightful. Our experience with Nordic Vistor agent Alexandra was exceptional, emails were answered quickly and all questions were covered. Our face to face meeting with her was warm, friendly and helpful for the last minute questions we had. We have already recommended Nordic Vistor agency to many of our friends. Thank you Nordic Visitor for a worry-free trip, for always being available (just a phone call away) and for making our trip memorable and so pleasant.

Alexandra was specially helpful. She is responsible for the success of this trip. Always prompt answers replying exactly what I have asked (and I asked a lot of questions). When asked for an opinion she was very straightforward and her tips proved to be very good.

She even went the extra mile when I asked for a translation in Icelandic for a surprise I prepared for my wife. Her work was very much appreciated. I love your office.

We stopped by to drop off the cell phone at the end of our tour and unfortunately was unable to meet Alexandra - I would have liked to thank her in person for helping us arrange such and amazing and memorable trip. Everybody at Nordic Visitor was so friendly and helpful.

Vector Lil’ Beaver 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler (2 Free Tips Included)

Really I couldn't have asked for a better time in Iceland. What a great country. My husband, a friend and I recently completed the "Express Iceland" self-drive tour and had an unbelievable time.

Working with Nordic Visitor exceeded all of our expectations. I wish Nordic Visitor serviced the entire globe. In other words, it's everything you need and more to ensure you have fun and peace of mind when traveling this beautiful and rugged country. It's great value for the money spent.

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